About Us

REAL ( Real Estate Alliance League ) TEAM, we are a team of real estate professionals. Each having over 10 years of experience in field of real estate, accumulated to over 40 years of experience.

Prior to getting into the trade, we are professional in our own field, that fits in the corporate world. With the passion in real estate, we left our comfort zone and took on new challenges.

The start was not easy, we have went through up and down, facing different business partner, be it buyer, seller, landlord and/or tenant, each have their different needs and difficulties. We had managed to overcome all those and resolve them accordingly. Through our domain knowledge, help from the team and/or the agency we engaged with. All these knowledge and experiences has brought us to we are at today – to deliver our best to our clients.

Moving on, we see the potential of investors, be it local or oversea, to capitalise the political and economical stability of Singapore. We have therefore, extend our service to advisory and sharing roles. Working with them, to see what is worth considering. Our mindset is, “if we are investing, what will we consider ourselves”

Over the years, we have picked up pocket of challenges, experiences and more importantly, those friends that was once our client. Making us, a better team for tomorrow.

We are now, not sitting in our comfort zone, but improving ourself to get in-touch with the world digitally.

Do feel free, if you have any queries / question, to contact us